Ermine Primary Academy

Mission statement

At Ermine Primary Academy, we are a caring community who goes above and beyond. We are determined learners who understand you learn from mistakes and never give up. Every individual is challenged to be the best they can be through choice, challenge and collaboration together with independence to aspire to achieve goals.

Vision statement

‘Implementing change to develop successful, independent, resilient learners through an engaging curriculum within a happy and safe setting that places growth at its core. A setting where everyone’s voice is heard and valued. Perseverance and forward thinking are celebrated as is every individual achieving personal success.’


We believe that the pupils, staff, parents and governors who make up our school community are all partners, each with important contributions to make to the success of the academy.

At Ermine Primary Academy we:

· Show we value ourselves and others

Through community, empathy, compassion, friendship, trust and respect.

· Show curiosity in our learning

Through co-operation, creativity and honesty.

· Are resilient in the face of adversity

Through independence, responsibility, positivity and determination.

· Are aspirational and aim high!

Through excellence and courage.




1. To nurture and explore children’s skills and talents both in and out of school.

2. To nurture positive relationships between the adults and the children in our community whilst being an integral part of it.

3. To be outstanding role models and inspire, motivate and promote a positive attitude.

4. To challenge ourselves and learn from our mistakes.

5. To be positive and be committed to the continual development of staff and children.

6. To provide a range of stimulating experiences to enrich our curriculum and increase enjoyment and a love of learning.

7. To understand that we never stop learning and that we are able to shape our own future!