At Ermine Primary Academy, we take E–Safety very seriously.

Whilst technology is a wonderful thing, children need to be taught the skills to use it appropriately and protect themselves online. E-Safety skills are taught throughout the year as part of our computing lessons as well as through a week long E-Safety Campaign to refresh and update their knowledge. All of our laptops and classrooms carry e-safety messages so our pupils are continually aware of how to safely enjoy the internet.

In addition, we provide an annual E-Safety event for parents. Supporting leaflets such as ‘How to set up Google Safe Search’ are always available from our school reception area.

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On-site Photography & Social Media Notice

Ermine Primary Academy welcomes photography at many of our open parent events. Times for photography will be communicated and provided for by attending staff because of the school’s safeguarding duty (some pupil images cannot be shared). However, wherever possible we will always aim to take and post pictures on our Ermine Primary Academy social media sites (see homepage) that are cleared. No pupils will be named when images are publicly posted.

Social Media Guides (NSPCC)

Helpful advice and tools you can use to help keep your child safe whenever and wherever they go online thanks to the NSPCC:

Important guides from the NSPCC for parents about well-known social media sites, networks, smart phone apps:


Facebook Messenger





Google Hangouts






Moshi Monsters


Club Penguin

Pokemon Go

Minecraft (CEOP)

Sexting: Keep your child safe

Helpful advice about this growing online trend thanks to the NSPCC:

Share Aware and FREE Smartphone APP

Help your child stay safe on social networks, apps and games:

NSPCC NetAware FREE App for Android:

NSPCC NetAware FREE App for Apple:
To find out more, read our E-Safety policy. The external links open into new browser windows or new tabs.

School Policy

Other Useful Links and Information

Childnet International “Keeping Up With Children on the Internet” – an internet safety guide for parents and carers

Information on how to keep your child safe online:

A safe way for your child to surf the net:

Help your child use technology safely:

E-Safety Guide for Parents PDF document

Vodafone have produced a Digital Parenting Magazine which informs parents about the various technologies children are accessing today

For more information on e-safety:

Reporting an e-Safety issue

You can report an e-Safety issue using the CEOP button which is located on our school’s home page. This button will take you to the relevant phone number and email address you need in order to report a problem.

Alternatively, we are always happy to help at school with an e-Safety issue. Should you or child wish to report a problem, please speak to your child’s class teacher, who will then notify an e-Safety leader.

The issue will then be dealt with and monitored by our e-Safety team and the Head teacher.

Safer search engines

Please note that no search engine is ever 100% safe but below provides some links to some “safer” search engines:



kids yahoo:

Google offers a safer search option for children searching on the Internet (details via Woodlands Junior School): PDF Document

Safer image searching:




When children are accessing XBox 360 games via Xbox LIVE, privacy settings can be set up: details here
When children are accessing XBox One games via Xbox LIVE, privacy settings can be set up:
When children are accessing PlayStation 3 games via Xbox LIVE, privacy settings can be set up:
When children are accessing PlayStation 4 games via Xbox LIVE, privacy settings can be set up:
When your child is messaging on PlayStation 4 you can monitor activity using these handy free apps:

FREE App for Apple:

FREE App for Android:


When children are accessing this site, privacy settings can be set up: details here (from Woodlands Junior School)

Jargon busting:

From Woodlands Junior School, a Jargon Guide

Kidsmart gives you lots of advice on how to stay safe online: