Ermine Primary Academy’s Mission Statement

Ermine Primary Academy offers a stimulating culture of learning and discovery within a safe, caring and positive environment.

Everything we do is reflected by our 5 star values; Respectful, Kind, Proud, Resilient and Aspiring. We thrive through positive relationships and celebrate everyone’s achievements. We are proud, challenge ourselves and each other and aspire to be the best we can be.

With a positive sense of attachment and belonging, Ermine Primary Academy thrives on its higher expectations of behaviour and the promotion of positive learning attitudes.

Through consistent use of positive language and a celebrated code of conduct built around our star core values, our learners are more empowered to develop as responsible learners and embrace opportunities to shine as individuals.

With our consistent and stable sense of community, every pupil can be motivated and develop the determination to produce work to the very best of their ability.

We offer a curriculum that gives opportunity to collaborate, be inquisitive and independent, willing to take risks and make mistakes. When Ermine Primary Academy learners have the opportunity to develop an inquisitive mind set, built on challenge and ambition, they are better equipped to fulfil their true potential. Developing the resilience to bounce back from stress, adversity and failure is a quality celebrated by everyone at Ermine Primary Academy.

We embrace the opportunity to build valued relationships, with empathy and compassion. With the practical, social and emotional skills to enjoy freedom of ideas and expression, together we can be more confident, organised, caring and supportive.

We are Proud To Belong.