Message From The Head

A very warm welcome back to everyone at Ermine Primary Academy for the start of the new academic year. This year marks exciting changes for our school. This term is the start of our new behaviour policy- reach for the stars. Children have been issued with new home school planner in which parents/carers can share in the successes when children are given rewards. Look out for children achieving golden and shooting stars. The children have a goal of achieving 20 shooting stars in order to receive a golden ticket and help plan a golden event with myself or Mrs Hoyland. These activities can be anything from hot chocolate in the Head’s office to a dance party. Personally, I cannot wait for the first golden treat. Star of the week assemblies will be continuing but will now take place on a Monday afternoon and parents/carers will be informed on the Thursday before if your child has been chosen. Please come along to the assembly if you can and watch your child receive their reward. The launch of the policy has been very successful and I look forward to handing out lots of golden tickets in the next few weeks

If you have any comments on the school you would like to share with us we have a post box in the main reception for you to offer feedback.

Thank you everyone for your continued support

Mrs Richards

Headteacher (Acting)