Message From The Head

Welcome back to another busy term at Ermine Primary Academy. This term will see year 6 and year 2 focusing on their SATs tests. Every individual has been working towards these all year and I am confident they will all approach them with a smile on their face. It is very important that attendance remains a high priority during this period. If you have any questions about the SATs tests please contact your child’s class teacher.

At school this term, the children are working on their part of making the school better by working on the presentation of their cloakrooms. The children understand that this demonstrates their attitude to learning and are aiming to impress with how this is presented throughout the school day. We have had a whole school assembly on this and the children have been keen to impress with their progress. Alongside this they are working on movement around school and transitions between different parts of the day. They are focusing on walking to the left and ensuring they show others how polite and well mannered they all are. I am very proud to report we have had visitors in school recently who have commented on how polite the children are by holding doors and welcoming them into school. We will continue to build on this further throughout this term.

In order for the school to continue to make progress, we are also seeking the children’s opinions on proposals to the change of behaviour policy we plan to start in September. These are also changes I discussed with the parent forum group recently. The parent forum group also allows parents to be able to share opinions on changes made and possible further developments. If you would be interested in joining this please see the school office and I look forward to meeting you.

If you have any comments on the school you would like to share with us we have a post box in the main reception for you to offer feedback.

Thank you everyone for your continued support

Mrs Richards

Headteacher (Acting)