We are committed to a policy of treating each person equally and we have carefully considered and analysed the impact of our policies on equality and the possible implications for individuals with protected characteristics, recognising the need to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations.

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Safeguarding and child protection

Covid-19 Annex to Safeguarding and child protection

Whistle blowing

Teaching and Learning policy

SEN policy

Exclusion Policy

Equal Opportunities


Acceptable Use Policy


Timetable for Admissions for 2020/2021
National offer day
16 April 2020
Appeals deadline
Noon on 18 May 2020
Appeals hearings begin
15 June 2020
Appeals hearings end
17 July 2020

Adverse Weather

Anti Bullying and Cyber Bullying



Lateness Added Up

Charging and Remissions


Online Safety Policy

Extended School

Mobile Phone

Young Carers


Perfect Presentation