Reading is the most important skill children must master at school.

It is the necessary condition for all learning

Ruth Miskin


  • We all know that reading opens the door to all learning.
  • A child who reads a lot will become a good reader.
  • A good reader will be able to read challenging material.
  • A child who reads challenging material is a child who will learn.
  • The more a child learns the more a child wants to find out.

For all of these reasons and more, Ermine Primary Academy uses the Read Write Inc. phonics programme to teach children to read.

What is Read Write Inc.?

Read Write Inc. is a highly successful phonics programme that has been devised by Ruth Miskin Phonics. There are over 44 individual sounds in the English language that we use when we are reading.  We teach the children to read the sounds in a pure way so it enables successful blending.  The aim of Read Write Inc is to teach children to learn to read in order that they can read to learn!

By the end of reception year we aim for children to be reading accurately.

By the end of year 1 we aim for children to be reading more complicated texts fluently and accurately.

We invite parents on a regular basis, to learn alongside their child in Read Write Inc lessons so that they are able to support their children’s learning at home.

The national phonics screening check is a short, simple test taken by Year 1 children each June to assess their reading ability. The scores are out of 40 and involve the children reading 20 real words and 20 made up words to check their phonics understanding. The pass rate has stayed at 32 since it was introduced, and children who do not pass in year 1 re take the check in year 2. The Read Write Inc programme prepares the children to read real and made up words on a daily basis so that they are confident to use their phonics skills.

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