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Teaching Support

Mrs Arroyo

Mrs Brown

Miss Browne

Mrs Brundell

Mrs Firth

Miss Flear

Miss Fletcher

Mrs Gibbons

Miss Green

Ms Harness

Miss Hopkinson

Mrs Hopkinson

Mrs Howell

Mrs Hutton

Mrs McClarron

Miss Musk

Mrs Norledge

Mrs Olin

Mrs Pashley

Mrs Ranshaw

Mrs Rush

Mrs Scott

Mrs Thomas

Miss Thompson

Mrs Wells




Mrs Spence – Finance

Ms Brown

Mrs Ray

Miss Borsberry

Site Manager

Mr Green


Mrs Goodacre

Ms Hutton

Mrs Dolby

Mrs Hunter

Mrs Lavelle

School Meals Supervisory Assistants

Mrs Bilton

Mrs Ballam

Miss Flear – Senior Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs Goodacre

Mrs Hacker

Mrs Hewson

Mrs Hunter

Mrs Lavelle

Mrs Lusby

Mrs Musson

Mrs Seal

Miss Toulson