Areas of Responsibility:

• Read Write Inc Leader
• ECC Leader

Personal Statement:

I have always wanted to be teacher from as long as I can remember and I continue to find it a rewarding profession – even all these years later. I have made countless friends with colleagues, parents and children through my teaching and would like to think that I have made a difference to some of their lives.


I trained to be a primary teacher at Bishop Grosseteste College in Lincoln, back in 1985 for 4 years, and qualified with a B.Ed Honours degree. I have enjoyed going back there with children from Ermine to various workshops with the BG students – there have been many changes over the years but it will always feel like home to me.


I have taught children from the ages of 3 – 11 a range of other schools in Lincolnshire and have been teaching at Ermine Primary since 2003.

Why Ermine Primary Academy is your passion?

I am proud to work in a school which plays such an important part within the local community. There are many challenges which all the staff and pupils rise to on a daily basis – no two days are ever the same!
I particularly love my current role of RWI leader which enables me to support children learning to read and it never fails to excite me when a child makes their first steps towards reading a book.


Teaching Support

Mrs Arroyo

Mrs Brown

Miss Browne

Mrs Brundell

Mr Finch

Mrs Firth

Miss Flear

Miss Fletcher

Mrs Gibbons

Miss Green

Ms Harness

Mrs King

Mrs Hopkinson

Mrs Howell

Mrs Hutton

Miss Johnson

Miss King

Mrs McClarron

Miss Musk

Mrs Norledge

Mrs Pashley

Mrs Ranshaw

Mrs Rush

Mrs Scott

Mrs Thomas

Miss Thompson

Mrs Wells